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 A LIVE "Retail" EVENT

…come enjoy shopping for your kids!

No tickets or reserved times to attend

Saturday | April TBD, 2024 | 8am - 1pm
Howard County Fairgrounds, Exhibition Building
2210 Fairgrounds Rd, West Friendship, MD 21794

Howard County Fairgrounds

Exhibition Building, 2210 Fairgrounds Rd. West Friendship, MD 21794


Everything For Kids!


  • At the time of sale, we will follow any covid restrictions for events in Howard County

  • Small cash bills are appreciated!

Booths filled with families selling their kid's stuff... pay families at their booths. Seasonal clean, name brand clothing for NB-teen sizes. Boredom Busters; games, puzzles, toys, 1000s of books. Sports stuff for when you’ve got to get them out of the house. Bring your kid's sizes & measurements, small bills $$, a way to carry items & get the bargains home!


Sell Your Kids Stuff!

  • Everything for Infants – Teens (adult sizes)

  • Set up your personal store in a huge 12' x 12’ booth. Bring your own tables & chairs.

  • Each Vendor needs a trash bag to clean your booth when you leave.

  • Any covid rules that are in effect at the time of sale we will follow. Sanitizing liquid and wipes might still be needed for your safety and the public.

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